Lee’s Story

The vehicle Lee was driving when he was hit head-on.

I built and opened Evening’s Porch Assisted Living in 2014. My mother had suffered a stroke, and I set out to build a facility where I knew she would receive the best possible care. Fortunately, her health improved as we were building, and she would not need to move in for several years. Little did I know I would be a resident at Evening’s Porch before she was.

We opened our doors in October of that year, and soon had a few residents living at our small facility. We continued to grow. Then, on June 17, 2015, I was involved in a head-on car collision. I had numerous injuries, including whiplash and concussion issues. The accident left me bedridden and wheelchair-bound.

Because the injuries were so severe, I required skilled nursing care, and was not eligible to go to a rehabilitation center. I opted to move to Evening’s Porch, because as the owner, I did not have to meet state regulations for admission. This would be a turning point for our small community.

I began to experience life as a resident, not as the proprietor. I started to understand the vulnerability of being dependent on caregivers. While I had the privilege of looking forward to my return home, my fellow residents did not.

My life became a quality control study as I experienced virtually every aspect of life the way our residents did. I chose to occupy the studio farthest away from the office, which gave me the opportunity to identify possible shortcomings, and create a safer and more convenient environment for vulnerable people.

I realized during my recovery there were many things that Evening’s Porch could do to make life healthier and more enjoyable. We began offering healthier food choices, serving organic meals and even growing our own vegetables in the summer. We hung beautiful photos of nature on the walls. We made our surroundings more like home and less like an institution.

In my journey towards recovery, I researched a variety of treatments and healing modalities. Evening’s Porch created the Quality of Health Enhancement program, to give our residents choices for optimal comfort and care. For instance, we work with Animas Laser Therapy to provide our residents the option of laser treatments for pain and improved brain function. We also have contracted massage therapy with a massage therapist who provides on-site services.

Some say my recovery is a miracle, but in reality it is a function of science, determination, and quality health practitioners. Eventually my mother did move in to Evening’s Porch, and lived here for the rest of her life. I am committed to providing the same quality of life for our residents that I wanted for my own mother – and for myself.

Lee McCutchen, owner
Evening’s Porch Assisted Living

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